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Robert E. Waring

Robert E. Waring
Acting Police Commissioner

Kevin Catalina

Kevin Catalina
Deputy Police Commissioner

Belinda Alvarez-Groneman

Belinda Alvarez-Groneman
Deputy Police Commissioner

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Suffolk County Police Department

Precinct Level Advisory Board

Overview & Membership Qualifications

A component of Suffolk County’s Police Reform & Reinvention process aimed at making policing more community-centered was the recommendation of creating Precinct Level Advisory Board (formerly known as Precinct Community Advisory Councils). Precinct Level Advisory Boards (PLABs) are an organized approach to cultivate long-lasting, problem-solving partnerships between Suffolk County Police and the public. Volunteer community leaders on each Advisory Board, who span a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences, will liaise between their community and precinct to facilitate lines of communication between both parties and assist with enhancing relationships between the police and the community.

The Duties of the PLAB Will Involve
  • Enhancing police-community relations
  • Serving as liaison between the police department and the community
  • Reviewing and providing a community perspective to recommendations concerning programs and effectiveness of the precinct’s services
  • Promoting the precinct’s existing monthly Community Meetings to solicit public input regarding police services and programs
  • Promoting public awareness of County programs and services, including but not limited to: business and residential crime prevention programs, safety training, domestic violence intervention, school district police relations
Members Will Be Expected to
  • Have a high level of care and concern for their neighborhood
  • Be committed to working collaboratively alongside other community leaders and officers within their precinct
  • Be willing and able to commit to quarterly meetings and responsibilities as designated
  • Have a strong network of relationships throughout the community with those most impacted by police interactions
Council Membership Composition/Eligibility

The PLAB will be composed of 8-12 members with representation from diverse populations

  • Leader(s) of a community-based organization who reside(s) within the precinct
  • Owner(s) or manager(s) of a business located within the precinct
  • Community member has to be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment
  • Representative of a school district within the precinct
  • Eligible person wishing to serve on a PLAB may submit his or her name to their precinct Inspector for consideration
Precinct Contact Information

Suffolk County residents, please complete the PLAB Application Form and email your local area precinct utilizing the email address below with the Subject Heading Precinct Level Advisory Board. The application submission deadline is October 15th, 2023

This website provides valuable forms and information in order to address the needs of our community. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Department at 631-852-6000 or email us at Interpretation services are available for individuals with Limited English Proficiency.