Inspector Kevin Kane

Inspector Kane holds a B.A. Degree in Political Science from Queens College and is an FBI Academy graduate. He served in the New York City Police Department's 73rd Precinct in Brownsville, Brooklyn prior to joining the Department in 1987, whereupon he was assigned to patrol in the First Precinct. He was subsequently transferred to the First Precinct Crime Section as an investigator. Upon promotion to Sergeant he remained in the First Precinct assigned to patrol. Inspector Kane would go on to serve as a Sergeant in the First Precinct Crime Section, the Fourth Squad Detectives Section and the Criminal Intelligence Section before his eventual promotion to Lieutenant when he was transferred to the Third Precinct Patrol Section as Platoon Commander. His assignments in the rank of Lieutenant include the Internal Affairs Bureau, Commanding Officer of the First Precinct COPE Section, Commanding Officer of the Patrol Special Operations Bureau Gang Section, Commanding Officer of the Fifth Precinct Crime Section, and Commanding Officer of the Third Squad Detectives Section. Most recently Inspector Kane served in the Internal Affairs Bureau as a Captain until his promotion to Deputy Inspector and Executive Officer of the First Precinct. He has been an Inspector and Commanding Officer of the First Precinct since August 2018.