Suffolk County Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Suffolk County Police Department is to provide and maintain a safe environment in which people can live and work.  Every member of the Service acknowledges his or her obligation to provide professional services by rendering aid to those in need, providing an environment free from fear, bringing to justice those who violate the law, and protecting all persons and property in accordance with legal and ethical standards.

  • Vision – Provide professional police services to all.
  • Mission – To serve and protect all the citizens, while enforcing the law with impartiality, respect, and compassion.
  • Goal – Protect the lives and property of the people we serve.
  • Guiding Principles – The following guiding principles assist us in maintaining our focus on our mission and vision:
    • Integrity – The Suffolk County Police Department pledges the highest standards of ethical behavior by all its members.
    • Professionalism - Suffolk County Police Department employees will act professionally when interacting with each other and members of the public.
    • Respect – Members of the Department will treat everyone with dignity and respect.
    • Knowledge – Members of the Department will be provided with continuous training throughout their careers. They will be supported in the pursuit of knowledge.
    • Standard for performance – The following Standard for Performance is referred to as the “Five E’s” and should be embraced by all Department members.
    • Energy (Vigor – Work Ethic)
    • Enthusiasm (Lively Interest & Passion for the police profession)
    • Efficiency (Acting Effectively – Working Smart)
    • Effectiveness (Producing Results)
    • Ethics (Doing the Right Thing)