Crime Statistics

Data is based on NYS DCJS Uniform Crime Reporting guidelines. Categories include Murder/Manslaughter, Rape, Rape (Expanded), Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny, and Motor Vehicle Theft.  Effective 1/1/13, the UCR crime category of Rape was expanded to include selected crimes previously classified as Sex Offenses (other than Forcible Rape) and will be reported to DCJS as a category named Rape (2013 Expanded), however NYS does not include that in the published Crime Index totals as of yet. Aggravated Assault category is nationally classified to include numerous penal law sections ranging from threat of violence with a weapon (Menacing 2nd with a Weapon) to serious physical injury with grave risk of death (Assault 1).  Although perfect certainty in statistical reporting is a goal, it should be understood that the data is merely a snapshot of case status and disposition on the day the data is compiled.  Databases are continually updated and cases constantly undergo reclassification.

Suffolk County Police Department

Uniform Crime Report Index 1990 to 2015

Iamge of 2015 Crime Statistics chart

Suffolk County Police Department Crime Statistics Last 10 Years

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